Customizer software

The customizer software is the perfect partner for the Imagine Plus embroidery machine. This embroidery system allows you to create professional-style designs all of your own, from hand drawn, scanned or clip art images with the greatest of ease.

It will allow you to make corrections to the image with a zoom, pencil or eraser even after the image has been imported, you can also print out intermediate stages of pupil’s work and provide evidence of the design process for GCSE project folders. There is no requirement for a site license, it may be loaded onto networks and is unrestricted to the amount of users.

The simplicity of this software is it’s best feature, we use this software on our workshop days, where up to 8 students create their own design by drawing freehand, scan the image into the software, convert to an embroidery and then stitch it on the machine, this process is completed in just one day. This shows not only how easy it is to use but also how easy it is to teach.

Digitizer Software

An advanced piece of software that produces logos badges and embroideries of a professional industrial standard without paying industrial price tags. Includes all the features found in the Customizer software but with more flexibility.

It is ideal for covering industrial practice as it gives you the thread quantity in metres for each colour used in the embroidery, students can therefore work out how many reels of each colour thread are needed to produce say 100 embroideries. Can be used in conjunction with our MB4 and Imagine Plus embroidery machines. Ideal for teachers using Customizer software and who are ready to take the next step. Requires a dedicated port for security device.

BOTH Customizer & Digitizer are available to Lease or Purchase

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